She’s just another girl you would see walking down the street. Her looks spoke her stories for her. She had labels. She could never live up to them for that’s the brutality of labels. They bring unlikely expectations. Her life was a stage and the people that surrounded her were her judges. She dressed to impress. She bent in ways she wasn’t flexible for her passion to be The One. She had a first and second but it was the third that stuck with her. Mind, body and soul.  

Nobody thought they’d suffice. She believed he was her salvation from this world of wannabe’s. He didn’t believe in much but the present. She lived her days praying to be his for eternity. He lived his trying to become someone respectable. He made her forget her past. For the first time, she cared more for her future than her present. She never knew what she made him. He never understood what she did to him. And so, it was a mystery for the world how it all came to be this day.  

Standing in front of their new house, both her and him stared lovingly as she left her past behind and he left his fears. They were the perfect example of a love story that began through a world of fraud and lies and battled against all odds to be with one another. Compromises made them stronger. Arguments made them greater. And to her it was still a dream to be here with him. To have his arm securely draped over her shoulders. Almost as if, somewhere deep inside, he was afraid she would vanish.  

To him, the woman standing next to him was his everything. He knew he wasn’t the best at expressing how he felt but it was who he was. She made him come to love places that were never on his to-do list. And she often made him wonder why never thought to be there before. She was truly the one for him. Love wasn’t big on him but she was the definition of love to him.  

Walking inside the house hand in hand they looked upon their future in this place and looked into each other’s eyes as their faces lit up. This was it. This was their forever after. Pouring their love in their skins, the kissed each other. For it was their language. It was their best expression of love. Both fought for dominance as the door behind them closed and the worries and labels of the rest of the world were left outside. It was their safe heaven. It was their lives. And now, they could live it as one.


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