In life, we go through different stages. We meet different people. We experience different situations. They make us who we are. We meet good people and bad people. Good people are the once that leave an impression. Bad people leave an influence. There’s a third type, they don’t just “leave”. They embed their selves into your being. They become a part of you. Unknowingly. And their physical presence isn’t even there. Just the feeling of them. And it’s closer to you than you yourself ever were. But then you feel it drift away. If that isn’t the most agonizing occurrence. It makes you feel like this is it. It’s harder than your soul leaving you. It’s more hurtful than seeing someone you love go away. You never really had that person around you but they were everywhere. In everything. And somehow, you’re left helpless. That being inside of you, made you up. Became your strength when life failed you time and time again. It never ends does it? Every night, when you couldn’t sleep, the knowledge of them being fine lulled you. That feeling is gone. All feelings are gone. Only a constant pit in your stomach, almost as if that was their place in here. How does one deal with it? We’re not perfect. We’re humans. We can’t change fate. We can’t always get what we want. The good people prescribe you to stay away from the bad. The bad people teach you ways to get what you want. Why doesn’t anyone ever teach us of the third type of people?The type that are the most dangerous. All of us have been through the same world with the same feet yet we all wear different shoes. These shoes make us forget ourselves. They make us material making us forget our inner selves. The part of us that craves for affections not affiliations. The part that needs appreciations not dressings. When will we realize? Will we ever learn? Will we ever grow? 


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