I’m falling again. My most dreaded fear. Falling for you. The little balance I gained over the past ten months, I’m losing it. I don’t want to lose you though. I never wanted to. I never will. But I did. I lost bits and pieces of you. Again and again. In the rush of these busy gushes of winds. In the fog of my insecurities. In the mist of everyone’s misconceptions. Honesty sprouts new realities every time it is addressed in relation to you. Pain ignites new flames that burn my heart and mind from different dimensions everyday. But your love… It is the worst of all. It consumes me; mind, body, soul, heart. It captivates me in invisible chains. Inescapable ropes and the walls that surround me, push me into your direction. But you aren’t much but a mirage. I see you so clearly when I’m far away but as I get close, there is nothing. Not even way for me to exit. The walls I thought pushed me towards you, were only closing in on me. It was all an illusion. And I went along with it. And I still go along with it every single dour. I build myself up, I hold on to the walls, they push me towards you, you vanish and I’m left confined. And after every cycle, this room gets smaller and smaller. Digging a deeper hole for me to lose myself in. Save me before it eats me up please. Save me before these walls crush me. Save me before I break. Finally, Save me before it’s too late for to be saved… For I’ll be waiting. I will fall victim to these blows every time merely because they delude me with the presence of you…


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