Again and again and again. We keep taking turns. End up in the same place. Never moving on. Never getting away. Never stop hurting. Never not taking the blame. How do you deal with it? How do you overcome it? How do you move? Up or on… It’s so hard to resist. But you keep telling yourself. It’ll get better. Life will be different. The world will turn. The darkness will go. Does it really? Yes the world does turn. But we often forget. It doesn’t just turn and stop. It keeps turning. Circles of darkness and light. In some places, dark more than light. Could it really change? Can we change the way the world turns? Nope. How does it make you feel? How does it help you cope? No one else can answer that for you. And sometimes, you don’t have the answer for yourself. What then? Lost. In every sense and meaning. Without any goodbyes. It’s just the physical presence left. Sometimes. Others, it’s too battered and bruised to show. Just like your heart, soul and thoughts. It’s scary. To the world, to one’s self. See thing is, we all like to cause. But barely ever want to face. Should we really still have to? Bitter realities. They show. It doesn’t matter how. But they show. And when they do, the light is too burning bright to not blind you. The blindness, often if not always, turns into denial. And it is said that denial is one’s greatest enemy in disguise. Mostly because the fact that tomorrow or later, the reality hits you. It loosens the grips of uncertain gush of emotions around you. They surround you. Cover you in their aura. Force the reactions out of you. Make you burst. Into a million tiny little irredeemable pieces. And your sanity is just… Gone, gone, gone. 


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