The valleys in which my heart resides, have been raided. The streets that hold my most precious thoughts, have been destroyed. My mind is deranged. My world has fallen. Pieces of myself are what I collect every hour from my day as they fall every minute. No more reason. Logics, understandings, explanations… None matter. I’m only left open to my own vulnerability. I’m left looking for my own peace. I’m turned towards my own self in need of some closure. Couldn’t be more wrong when I thought our lives don’t really get better. They don’t. It’s just our feelings. They get less and less magnified as we learn to adopt the situations. We grow around our difficulties. But the ratio of growing difficulties and growing ourselves is not very equal. So, eventually the weight of these hardships press our growth under the roughest of rocks. And it stops. And just right there and then, you find the end. The end to it all. You become immortal. The immortality of the darkness. Sadly, immortality isn’t an everyday thing. It’s not a choice. Just like, changing someone else’s life decisions isn’t for us to do. I hope there was a way to move on. I hope there was a way to move away. I hope I could let it go. I hope I didn’t have to live with it. I hope wasn’t awfully intrigued by the immortality of drakness. I hope, I wish and I pray, I could let it all go. I could let him go. I could walk with only one person holding my arm. I didn’t need him for my own existence. But unluckily, he’s walking away again. He’s killing me again. He’s taking the short route out. Leaving me stranded on this long everlasting road on a journey to the land of the darkness.


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