Loneliness… A very powerful emotion. It forces one to take drastic steps… It forces us to look at things in the most cryptic perspectives. Loneliness causes diseases unrecognizable to any doctor. There’s really no solution. Once you feel lonely, there’s no turning back. It just leaves a void… One that can’t be filled. Being a child, we all want to grow up. But we often don’t realize what comes with growing up… Being an adult isn’t all that it’s cut to be. Being an adult may be painful, but it doesn’t match the hurt that is the process of becoming it. Having a golden childhood isn’t everything. Being good to put on a show for those around you isn’t it. By the end of the day, it’s who you were for yourself that counts. The people you made smile, are gonna leave you, all the while laughing. Not for you, but at you. You sacrifice your sanity for the ones you love, they bring you to insane wards in return. Nobody is there for you. You’re left screaming, shouting and crying into the winds but there forms an invisible room around you. One through which, the outsiders can’t see or hear your cries. That room is your body. And the most disturbing part is, you cannot escape your body. Your soul wouldn’t dare try to escape it. For even after that, there’s dark. But have you ever wondered? Wouldn’t that dark be better? The darkness now has an evil. That dark is just an option to enter cold nothingness. Loneliness makes you realize the eerie silence in the most joyous of celebrations. The softest of touch starts to feel like a stabbing ache. The warmest of embraces feel like the suffocating clutches on your throat. It goes on… Never really ending… And simply turning into the dark with nothingness. The dark we popularly know to be death.


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