Dread, guilt, pain? They were birds of a feather. Torn and withering down under the flames of what we call life. For every time she said no, and for every time that he withdrew in the name of fear, a part of her drowned in guilt. For every time someone told her not to, and for every excuse either of them made, a fragment of her deluded world came crashing apart. Reality had always been her greatest enemy but he wasn’t supposed to be it. Slowly, he colored every faded wall and she fell for it. Every color painted by him, became her definition. Whatever reasons she had to cry, faded as he became the reason to smile. To wake up every morning and think, “Hey! It’s a new day!” and most importantly, “Another day to love and feel loved.” To the point where falling asleep to listening to him and waking up to his words became the routine. In an imperfect world, it was her perfection. He was perfection. But the truth is, nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same. And so, before anything else, it ruined. Burned into ashes by the same flame that it was lit by. It happened, yes. However short-lived, it was perfect. They say when you’re committed to someone, you don’t allow yourself to look for perfection in someone else. If you somehow did, it just means you weren’t committed. And just like every other thing, every other promise and every other whim, he wasn’t hers to have. Crashing back to reality seems to be the hardest. But in those very moments of crashing, she realized something, he had given her more than she could have asked for. There were moments he came back, but it was all a game of push and pull. A door can never be opened if it’s being pushed and pulled at the same time.

Such a cliché it is, finding love in a best friend. Something that seems to never be a consideration and yet, it’s the most common form of love. Losing love wasn’t new to her, neither was losing a best friend. Both feelings tear one apart. Join them together, surprisingly, it glued everything back into place. It brought her to a point where she learned the true meaning of loss. It didn’t mean falling apart beyond repair, it didn’t mean going in denial of everything. It meant knowing you’re broke and still standing in front of a crowd, one that has him in it, and saying you’re okay. Saying you’ll be better. Showing them what you’d be. Something about having the world slip from under her feet, brought her to him. But to someone who’d been trying to get back up to the ground, it meant losing him. Going back into the oblivion where she got nothing but rocks and boulders breaking her down at the expense of losing the boost she got if she had stayed down.

And so, the wines due to not being able to talk properly for 6 hours, turned into the constant wrenches in the gut for months. Falling asleep to listening to him breathe, turned into sitting on a bathroom floor throwing up in the middle of the night. Waking up to his voice calling her name turned into waking up wishing there wasn’t a today. Killing every instinct to beg him to come back in hopes that he’d return to keep his promises. Avoiding every human so as to not be drawn towards him again. 3 months into not having him around, she still sat wide awake in the darkness for she knew the shadows had been too haunting to him. Part of her still believed that he’d be here. Fate is brutal. Somehow, this time, it wasn’t just anyone that she wanted around, it was only him. Leaving behind everyone in the past. Fooled by the whims in her present, if only she’d known that she’d be here again. Only this time, having pushed everyone that much far back and finding no place to go. How would she have? When he had called himself her home time and time again. Until she believed it. And then turning it into a cold barren land taking himself and his warmth away leaving a shivering, disheveled and cold structure behind there.

Trying to free herself from one failed attempt at finding acceptance and love and soaked into an all the more stranded and gullible “love”, the story of life had just started as it was put by those around her.


Nameless, Soundless, Wordless pain. 

Bid my time, did my waiting. Only to have more disappointment. There’s not much anyway is there. I wish that I had been taught how to swim because now, my efforts seem useless. Things fall apart faster than they’re bulit up. A whole year, everything I’ve tried, every bright side I’ve found, was only darker than the previous one. I want so badly to do something about it but I can’t mostly because there is no honesty. There’s one too many closed ends. There’s more than 2 sides to the story. A story that never ends. A heartache that never stops. A dying hope that just doesn’t die. A flicker of love that doesn’t stop burning. A stream of arrogance and ignorance that breaks only to grow back stronger and sharper. Until it’s through. Through and back. One and the same, never to change. This was a tragedy. It was a curse in disguise. I don’t and would not want to relive the memories this curse has left. The ashes of a dead self-esteem cover every road that I turn to. The words of those around me coming in like the hisses of a snake. Roses that once bloomed every other day have long died leaving behind their thorn filled stems. Getting close to them was an ache. An ache far stronger than any other. Life was a lie. One that I couldn’t see through due to all the sugar-coated layers. Once I tried to peel them off, I was left with not much but tears of loss, pain, hurt. Almost as if it was my own flesh coming off. A never ending hide and seek game of lost love and patience. However many colors I paint, they end up mixing to form a blunder of black. Nameless, soundless and wordless riping of all of my shields. “Don’t bottle up.” They said. “It’ll kill you inside out,” they said. What now? I’m an open book and the pages keep getting ripped out without my consent. I relish in the pain. Because it is my punishment for being the naive person I’ve been. The only thing that I’m sure of even now is, if it were to happen again, I’d make the same mistakes all over again.


“Leave it be,” they said. “It will all be alright.” They tried to reassure. In the beginning, it made me smile; for I understood that it meant hope.  Moving a bit further ahead in time, it became an empty promise. Now, it makes me break even more; for I know, it is not but a lie. It is a sign of how bad the damage is. So much so that the way to go on for me is to hear this lie from those around me. It hurts knowing how wrong I have done myself. I have little to blame others for.  

They say losing someone is hard. How does that entail when the someone you’re losing is something you never had? How is it How can something that never even occurred to you in your wildest dreams, be such a huge part of you that you can’t forget even if you want to? The weight of my questions overweigh the thoughts of peace and tranquillity in my mind. The pain of my night’s unrest overweigh the calm of my daily life. The stabs from all other sources seem to be targeting the wound that was inflicted by one. The tears I dry every night leave me thirsty. The pain I push aside every day to smile darkens the clouds that form the storm around me. I wouldn’t be this if it weren’t for you. But I also do not want to enforce the consequences of my misconceptions into the wrong hands.  

Why does it have to end like this? Is me trying to force it all out of my life wrong? I believe it was never really anyone’s fault. Who am I to blame when my own heart, mind and soul is to blame? These clouds keep forming, they never really rain down; only unnoticed patters every now and then; all they do is block my sunlight. All they do is turn my bright and lit days into dark and never-ending dark eras. Being around this sunshine is the sweetest poison. Layered all along the floors and walls, making me slip further into oblivion of this unauthorized bliss being my center without halt or support from the walls… Why can I never find consolation? All these happenings make want to leave sanity into an isolated room of my madness and need for affection. Forever waiting for the pleasantries to blow in. Forever waiting for them to shine through these clouds.

Him and Her! 

She’s just another girl you would see walking down the street. Her looks spoke her stories for her. She had labels. She could never live up to them for that’s the brutality of labels. They bring unlikely expectations. Her life was a stage and the people that surrounded her were her judges. She dressed to impress. She bent in ways she wasn’t flexible for her passion to be The One. She had a first and second but it was the third that stuck with her. Mind, body and soul.  

Nobody thought they’d suffice. She believed he was her salvation from this world of wannabe’s. He didn’t believe in much but the present. She lived her days praying to be his for eternity. He lived his trying to become someone respectable. He made her forget her past. For the first time, she cared more for her future than her present. She never knew what she made him. He never understood what she did to him. And so, it was a mystery for the world how it all came to be this day.  

Standing in front of their new house, both her and him stared lovingly as she left her past behind and he left his fears. They were the perfect example of a love story that began through a world of fraud and lies and battled against all odds to be with one another. Compromises made them stronger. Arguments made them greater. And to her it was still a dream to be here with him. To have his arm securely draped over her shoulders. Almost as if, somewhere deep inside, he was afraid she would vanish.  

To him, the woman standing next to him was his everything. He knew he wasn’t the best at expressing how he felt but it was who he was. She made him come to love places that were never on his to-do list. And she often made him wonder why never thought to be there before. She was truly the one for him. Love wasn’t big on him but she was the definition of love to him.  

Walking inside the house hand in hand they looked upon their future in this place and looked into each other’s eyes as their faces lit up. This was it. This was their forever after. Pouring their love in their skins, the kissed each other. For it was their language. It was their best expression of love. Both fought for dominance as the door behind them closed and the worries and labels of the rest of the world were left outside. It was their safe heaven. It was their lives. And now, they could live it as one.

My own self-made prison

“Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle, some nights I wish they’d just fall off.” – Fun

I sit up, waking from another one of my nightmares. I don’t scream though. It is as though I don’t have the will to do so anymore. My voice is 6 feet under. Initially, the place where my heart wants my body to be. My spirit is raging, for it wants freedom. It craves love but its dented. Dented from sources that it trusted it’s heart with. Was I blind? Was I sick? Was I holding on too tight? The spots on my heart are too strong. Only hidden by the darkness of this room. The room where all my nightmares begin. The walls that hold more of my stabbing secrets than any of the humans I exist around. The only peace I find is with my eyes open and the lights out. There are still days when I don’t have nightmares. But those nights, he infiltrates my dreams. Sense doesn’t make sense to me.

I don’t know what I want. I don’t know where I want to be. Who I want to be with. All I know is, all the doors are closing in on me. All I understand is, I’m not liked in places, crowds are not my friends. People? They’re my worst enemies. I’m vulnerable. I’m forcefully exposed in places and to people who  are not who they say they are, who don’t want to see me for who I am.  I hear people say everyday, “you’re pretty good at conversations,” or “you’re so easy to talk to”. There’s only one word that would answer that; loneliness. It was easy for me to make friends because I was willing to bend in ways that people would have liked me to.  They say the fear of being left alone makes you take drastic steps. It truly does. You lose yourself. It does little to help you though. Bending for everyone only makes you lose your balance. So much so that you can’t even stand for yourself.

Look at me now. I’m sitting in this dark room again. All alone. Cradling myself for there’s no one around me to sooth me.  No one to tell me they’re there for me. No one likes damaged goods. No one hears the cries of a mouth sealed shut. By their own indiscretions. And since closing my eyes is painful, all I can do is hear the clock tick my life away and stare into dark nothingness. Better known as what I foresee my future to be. I don’t know or understand much. He’s taken over my nightmares and blurred my dreams to a point where I don’t see my future. All I see is myself slowly getting poisoned. By my own personal demons. My body is not in my control as it shivers with the fear. I can’t do a thing as sobs erupt from my core terrifying my already trembling body with their force. One little drop, and I’ll break. Beyond repair. Into pieces I can not collect for myself. I don’t have the strength to do it for anyone else, not anymore. And so, I’ll become my worst fear. A broken and isolated soul that was just another ordinary creation of this world.

“The other night you wouldn’t believe I just had a dream about you and me. I called you up but we’d both agree, it’s for the best you didn’t listen. It’s for the best we get our distance…” – Fun

Him (a short story)

We did it. Finally. Adam and I. Against all odds, we got married. Signed the papers, said our vows. It’s done. Although I fear it’s not over yet. Yet he makes me feel safe. He says he’ll protect me. From the barrier between my dreams. He says he’ll protect me from him. We say our goodbyes to all those who came to celebrate with us and thank them for their blessings. We need them. I need them. If one thing life has taught me, not to believe in love. For there is a greater force called fate that controls us. So I gave him my hand, not my heart. For I can trust him to protect my body but my heart can not bear being man-handled.

Inside our honeymoon suite, we sit side by side sparing slow and short glances towards each other as our eyes meet momentarily. I wonder how he feels. I wonder if he too, like the others, has a beast inside of him just waiting to be called out. I wonder if he knows I didn’t marry him for his love. I married him for his promise. I married him for my own selfish security reasons. I bid farewell to my family home for I wanted to live. I didn’t want to constantly fear the knife that was forever hovering over my neck. He drove me away from my own home. Now I’m here, away from my past and beside my future.

As I’m about to open my mouth to speak his does to. And the slight tension is cleared as we both let out a chuckle. ‘You go first’ I say as his words coincide with mine. Another wave of laughter crosses the two of us as he smiles at me. I tell him I’m going to change and he nods as I walk away from him. Inside the bathroom, I feel an unsettling presence behind me. Like a shadow that’s following me. More specifically, his shadow. I run out to Adam as he looks at me worried. I tell him what I saw and he brings me into his embrace whispering phrases of reassurance into my ears. He pulls away as he stares into my eyes and says “There is nothing to be afraid of as long as I’m beside you,” followed a peck on my colored lips. It brings an uninvited smile and he takes it as a sign to do it again. His lips against my own make me forget the world around us.

As I’m too preoccupied by the heat that surrounds us, I feel hands go around my throat, slowly and casually taking my breath away. I pull away from the kiss to see him stand where my husband was. His malicious smile as I struggle to breathe drains all my strength to scream for help. I’m slowly slipping in and out of conscious as a knife is jabbed inside my stomach and the last words I hear before I black out are; “Welcome to the rest of your life!”

I feel someone shake me awake and as I open my eyes I see myself back in my home surrounded by my brothers and father who’s chanting panicked questions of my safety and well-being. I can’t help but be demented for he was right here. “Who was?” I frown up at him as I look around frantically. “There’s nobody here, it was all a dream.” He calms me.

As I settle down, he informs me of a cousin from a bit far coming to stay with us. I nod as he invites him inside the room. “Susan, meet Danny.” It’s him. It really is him. I struggle to keep a straight face as he breaks into a smile. The same sadist smile that was in my dream. As my father leaves to attend a call, he looks me straight in the eye and whispers, “It’s not a dream darling. It’s a nightmare. I’ll say it one more time, Welcome to the rest of your life.”

The third type of people

In life, we go through different stages. We meet different people. We experience different situations. They make us who we are. We meet good people and bad people. Good people are the once that leave an impression. Bad people leave an influence. There’s a third type, they don’t just “leave”. They embed their selves into your being. They become a part of you. Unknowingly. And their physical presence isn’t even there. Just the feeling of them. And it’s closer to you than you yourself ever were. But then you feel it drift away. If that isn’t the most agonizing occurrence. It makes you feel like this is it. It’s harder than your soul leaving you. It’s more hurtful than seeing someone you love go away. You never really had that person around you but they were everywhere. In everything. And somehow, you’re left helpless. That being inside of you, made you up. Became your strength when life failed you time and time again. It never ends does it? Every night, when you couldn’t sleep, the knowledge of them being fine lulled you. That feeling is gone. All feelings are gone. Only a constant pit in your stomach, almost as if that was their place in here. How does one deal with it? We’re not perfect. We’re humans. We can’t change fate. We can’t always get what we want. The good people prescribe you to stay away from the bad. The bad people teach you ways to get what you want. Why doesn’t anyone ever teach us of the third type of people?The type that are the most dangerous. All of us have been through the same world with the same feet yet we all wear different shoes. These shoes make us forget ourselves. They make us material making us forget our inner selves. The part of us that craves for affections not affiliations. The part that needs appreciations not dressings. When will we realize? Will we ever learn? Will we ever grow? 

I’m really not fine at all… 

It hurts. These aches… They feel foreign​. Almost unfortunate. They exist. And I let them. I have yet to figure out how not to. I feel weak. Drained. Void. I can not learn how not to. I can not figure out how to save myself. I’m afraid of my own being. I’m unsure of my existence. I can’t help but feel again and again that I’m the one who tied these chains around me. I can’t help but feel like I am drowning. Going down the pit of darkness. Going further apart from myself and in a dimension of my own. These stings are a constant reminder of my misery. I tried so hard and I failed. And I keep failing. I keep hurting. I keep forgetting that my life is just a shell of aches and scars and burns. I may not have them on me for display. But they are etched on my soul. Engraved very carefully so as to reach all depths. Every corner of my sanity. Gripping everything that makes me who I am. I loved all the wrong people. I depended on all the lies that made my stable mind. But now I have no where to go. No more lies to depend on. No more love to smile about. I feel broken. Inside out. In every shade, I feel invisible. Now I know… I’m sure of it… I can no longer hold it. I can no longer hold myself. I can no longer secure my pride. I am broken. Every angle. Every dimension. Every mirror. All show me only the shreds that are left of my being. So please tell me this is just a dream, cause I’m really not fine at all…

Before it’s too late… 

I’m falling again. My most dreaded fear. Falling for you. The little balance I gained over the past ten months, I’m losing it. I don’t want to lose you though. I never wanted to. I never will. But I did. I lost bits and pieces of you. Again and again. In the rush of these busy gushes of winds. In the fog of my insecurities. In the mist of everyone’s misconceptions. Honesty sprouts new realities every time it is addressed in relation to you. Pain ignites new flames that burn my heart and mind from different dimensions everyday. But your love… It is the worst of all. It consumes me; mind, body, soul, heart. It captivates me in invisible chains. Inescapable ropes and the walls that surround me, push me into your direction. But you aren’t much but a mirage. I see you so clearly when I’m far away but as I get close, there is nothing. Not even way for me to exit. The walls I thought pushed me towards you, were only closing in on me. It was all an illusion. And I went along with it. And I still go along with it every single dour. I build myself up, I hold on to the walls, they push me towards you, you vanish and I’m left confined. And after every cycle, this room gets smaller and smaller. Digging a deeper hole for me to lose myself in. Save me before it eats me up please. Save me before these walls crush me. Save me before I break. Finally, Save me before it’s too late for to be saved… For I’ll be waiting. I will fall victim to these blows every time merely because they delude me with the presence of you…


​One and the same. All of us. We’re all the same. We all bleed the same red blood, cry the same wet tears, even breathe the same air. But sadly, you cannot expect from the world. We, as humans, may be similar but it’s every man for himself. I had been taught that that’s not how it is. Oh boy, they say even the most experienced can be wrong. They aren’t wrong. It’s the way life twists around them and unravels the brutality is that they are left wronged. What happened to the perfection that we call childhood? What happened that broke those who made me? The people who taught me that once you take a step, the world will be with you have been forced to tell me to be a person for myself. How the other people who made me smile have turned into the ones who cannot bare the sight of my smile? I feel lost in every sense and meaning. I don’t know if even my own blood is worth trusting. I wished to know what my fault was. Turns out. When looking for blame, every step you take can turn into a flaw and fault. Maybe this is meant to be. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Maybe that is the answer to my question of why I find comfort in the secluded grasps of the dark. And maybe, that’s where I’m bound to be. For the brightness of the lights is a greater push towards it than the chains that pull me towards it…